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Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback

The information within this report covers topics based on GRI indicators and relevancy to our business and our stakeholders. As part of selecting content, we assessed key issues in our industry and engaged with stakeholders to understand their concerns, questions and feedback.

Two of our key stakeholders are employees and retail customers. We engage with employees through in-person meetings – such as annual town hall meetings with the CEO at various plants – intranets, monthly newsletters for employees and retirees and departmental meetings. Through this engagement, employees and prospective employees have told us topics such as company vision, diversity and benefits are important to them.

We engage with retail customers through our direct meetings on a variety of topics and all aspects of our corporate responsibility reporting.

Daily, we work with a variety of NGOs and media. In particular, we have ongoing dialogue with the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR). We meet with the CFA annually and ICCR twice a year with up to 20 of their members at a time. We also meet with legislators, and employees in our plant communities attend meetings as members of community organizations.

Our dialogue gives us a picture about future topics of interest to these groups and helps us understand what issues to anticipate or address, and what questions we can help answer.

For instance, we attended the CFA annual meeting and heard the main areas of interest in 2009 were: National standards, childhood obesity, FDA modernization and food safety.

In addition, we were contacted by The Consumer Goods Forum and were asked to be among a select group to comment on a Global Social Compliance Program. This program focuses on supplier responsibility and the steps to having a successful accountability program.

For more information about which topics are most important to our stakeholders and to our business, please view the Materiality Assessment.

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