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Materiality Assessment

To decide what information to report, we listened to stakeholders and prioritized topics based on the topics’ importance to stakeholders and the importance to the business, i.e., would a topic affect whether or not we were able to operate? Our stakeholders are: employees, customers, consumers, investors, suppliers, government officials and communities. For this report, we analyzed “materiality” as defined by GRI to report on its indicators. Content and the materiality assessment was reviewed and collected from various departments and locations throughout the company from subject-matter experts. The materiality assessment below shows our analysis by stakeholder and priority.

Hormel Foods 2010 Materiality Assessment
Our Way logo Stakeholder(s) High Importance to Stakeholders and Hormel Foods
  • Current employees
  • Prospective employees
  • Employee safety
  • Employee benefits / compensation
  • Diversity
  • Communities where manufacturing facilities are located
  • Suppliers (independent farms, ingredient suppliers, packaging suppliers, etc.)
  • NGOs
  • Investors
  • Environment (Operations): 
    • Climate change mitigation
    • Air emissions
    • Water use
    • Wastewater management
    • Transportation
    • Solid waste/recycling
  • Environment (End Use):
    • Packaging
  • Animal Care
  • Standards for Suppliers
  • Retailers
  • Consumers
  • Government agencies (FDA, USDA)
  • Investors
  • Food safety
  • Healthy food
  • Innovation:
    • New product development
  • Food Prices
  • Commodity Costs
  • Shareholders
  • Current employees
  • Investors
  • Governance
  • Ethics:
    • Human rights
    • Code of Conduct
  • Local communities
  • Communities suffering from malnutrition
  • Community Involvement
  • Philanthropy
  • Letter from the CEO

    Jeffrey M. Ettinger

    Read a message about the progress made in 2010.

  • Global Reporting Initiative

    The 2010 Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Report is self-declared Application Level A as confirmed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). See the statement from GRI.

  • Living Our Principles


    We recognized employees for sustainability projects. Learn more.