Living Our Principles – Keeping our Employees Innovative

Approximately 15 Hormel Foods employees across various departments, such as marketing, international sales and human resources, participated in an innovation session in 2010. The objective of the session was to re-evaluate how employees develop products and ideas throughout the company and to encourage employees to use resources across the company. Pulling people from different parts of the company adds insight and diversity to any plans, products and processes.

The session provided an opportunity for employees to learn about best practices for innovation and spend the day differently than the average work-day. One activity involved having employees bring in their wallets to provide a peek into the other person’s world. This helped employees better understand each others’ lives and what motivates them.

Marianne Pollock, SPAM® international product managerMarianne Pollock, SPAM® international product manager, participated in the session and said it helped with her day-to-day job because it reminded her that creativity doesn’t just lie in the marketing department. She found that great ideas come from all over the company. The session helped cross-collaboration among departments and was considered a success by participants.

  • Investing in Our Employees

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